Outside forces forge
The suffocate to flee
Not able to express,
But just to suffer
Natural it is, all might says
The first experience but to you
Odious things in front of the eyes
How you adapt to be the rest?
Reduction in the trust points test
Making to realize you free
Utterances of dreary words
Deep cut, where emotions questioned
Even then you are quiet
Keeping the mouth shut of things
Where are those urges you gained?
Did you buried it under the glee
Of the way to hide the mind
And to win the useless lie
The fire is burning inside you
Beneath is the power that plead
Moment of outbreak, can’t pretend
Sure it washes the force that binds
If it does scars to sufferer
Or the start of new breath
The effects vary, on the choices one take
But the time to act is the near.



Her gentle touch was magical
Like an angel healing the wound
My pale hands became alive
Ignoring all my sickness
I opened the eyes and looked at her
Her eyes were closed and reciting prayers
To heal my body as quick as possible
And to see my happy face
What can I wish more?
But to have all her care
From the first to till yet
No one ever loved me this much
In all the hard times
I felt her care and love
Shown me the light of life
Taught me how to laugh and live
You are the candle which lights up
Hope in to my demented mind
There is nothing precious in this world
That could replace you AMMA.



weird relation.

It was a coincidence
Or may be a crazy fate
Remember each and every moment
That we cherished together
But some are not in the memory space
Erased by the time and practice
Thought that to be forever
Is now changed to once we were.
And came across handful of people
Whom we met and gone somewhere?
Found some familiar faces in the crowd
To wave hands or not to?
What name will suits to call
As to rebuild a relation where
Once believed to stand together
Turns out to be strangers now
But still have touch and keep on
Forgetting all those echoes we shared
And we travelling along with time
And still continues…

Concealed weeps.


Always desired to ask you this
Which is sure of you, with no reply!!
But is really food for thought
And it’s been the sufferings
Not talking about yours
But of your eyes
Don’t get amazed now!
It’s the weep that you just practiced
Do not lie to me
It’s lucid through your eyes
The eyelids never lie
Of that you gone through the other night
The reasons have no relevance here
Perhaps you haven’t even understood
What if we were choice less to weep?
The strange gift by the god
To direct inner aches
And to cleanse all the stains
The light of ours, where joy, pain
Anger n many more
Flashed through a thousand times
Take a look of your eyes at mirror
Your aches borne by them
Had changed the glow it often had…
Now gaze it, find its elegance
And now you know how strong you are!!
Since it’s only a firm like you
Can smile out, with the buried pain.



Out of the blue, came into my hands

And don’t know how I lost it

May be did I neither cared

Nor i revered

And now it’s gone

I couldn’t find it anywhere

Many people wished to had

I never wore it or gazed its beauty

But was always in my arms

I could have kept my fingers tightened

So that I would never let it go

What happened is a mystery thing

It might went into the waters while I was

Walking along the seashores

The waves showed me it’s marvelous feat

And diverted me, maybe for one sec

Gazing the tides and feeling the breeze

That’s what I done, I swear

But why this horrible treat for me

May be i was never worth for it

I looked into the waters to take it back

I cried for it and tried for a chance

But the waves had already taken it away

To the distance where I never could reach

And if I try once again, I might lose myself

So I decided to give it away

And not to turn back into it

And To erase all the memories it gave

Everything happens for a reason

To teach us those lessons of life.


Is it mandatory to give those replies

by us to those who really desires?

do we oblige to receive those answers

that our heart is ready to neglect?

some live to find and give

the candid replies to those who longing for

but some questions are well advised to unanswered

this might be a hurt to those who perceive

many questions which answers are definite

and cannot be revoked by anyone

but some of it are weird ones

which the replies are known but cannot be explained

and cannot be always given by words

but expressed through act and work

if it’s sure you are confused or puzzled

it’s good to be silent, than to give vague and false.




Never thought to scribble something

After I dream a little

Did u ever felt the touch

Of being travelled in ours own dreams

First I thought it could be natural one

Of seeing dreams that you often see

Then I surmised that oh..!! It’s not

But only which my mind wanted

I gave freedom to my mind,

I wanted to finish by its choice

I travelled as I could to its best

But something caused me to wake

Never able to finish it anyway

It’s indeed a splendid experience

To explore into our inner space

To make a portrait of my mind wish

At least in a dream where I know that

I am carried away by myself and wish

Where I am not tied up with realities load

I always wanted to call by my choice

But it’s named as lucid dreams.

I wished to remain in there for…

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